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We care for Campania flowers

Cooperativa Flora Pompei was established in 1978 by a small group of floriculturists located in the Pompeii – Stabiae area, an area which has been characterized by flower nurseries since ancient times. As a matter of fact, the surrounding farming areas provided the flowers used to honour Roman emperors for their triumphs. The founding members of this Cooperative decided to strengthen this connection to the past in the choice of the name of the Cooperative, and they started a marketing action for indoors as well as outdoors flowers, leafy branches, cut-off leaves and ornamental plants, cooperating and moving away from the traditional sales and development plans which are typical of this sector. The successful sales policy, as well as the constant attention being paid to the high quality of the products on offer, allowed Cooperativa Flora Pompei to grow, up to including almost 400 production companies, and thus becoming the major association in the flower nursery sector at a regional level, and among the major ones at a national level.

We care for our members

The members of Cooperativa Flora Pompei understand how important it is to implement an integrated development policy by carefully coordinating sales activities. Single companies are part of a collective economic, technical, as well as human growth, aiming at guaranteeing the presence of high quality products on the market, thus proving the excellence of regional production. Becoming a member of this Cooperative means becoming a lead actor in the optimization and development process of one of the excellence sectors of Region Campania by creating an open dialogue with customers, in order to guarantee the precise correspondence between supply and
demand, also by means of the required market tests.

We care for our customers

Cooperativa Flora Pompei offers its customers a wide variety of ornamental plants, flowers and cut-off branches, whose quality is guaranteed by a precise internal regulation, based on regional directives requiring the introduction of a Quality Brand, aiming at guaranteeing the identifiability of a “guaranteed Campania Flowers standard”. The Cooperative is committed to following the ancient traditions of quality, care and excellence, thus ensuring that the places were products are preserved strictly adhere to the precise intervals of temperature and relative humidity required, so as to preserve the freshness and the longevity of the products. A clear orientation to customer satisfaction and a constant attention to the development of market trends - studied also by means of the creation of specific product tests - allow the Cooperative to answer to each particular request, thus guaranteeing the presence of new and easily sellable products.

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